General Contracting

At our core we are builders. This is what we do. However, construction is just one piece of the puzzle. Read on to see how we can help with the rest of the pieces.



Pebble Creek Companies can provide consulting services for all phases of a project. Our vast knowledge of the development process enables us to guide the client through the maze of issues facing a small or large project. After an initial consultation, we will develop a program tailored to your project, one strong enough to see the finish line, but flexible enough to adjust to changing conditions or issues.



There are many aspects of planning a project, and Pebble Creek Companies can help with all of them. Our experience enables us to identify the steps necessary to successfully process a project from beginning to end. We will help identify and engage the necessary experts such as Civil Engineers, Soil Consultants, Architects and Structural Engineers to complete your project. Our experience has allowed us to work with most major experts in the Southern California area.



Pebble Creek Companies is willing to partner in any arrangement that benefits both parties. We have experience with all types of shared ventures, including LLCs, partnerships, and fee-building arrangements. We value our partners and carefully guard their interests.



Pebble Creek Companies recognizes that a profitable project must have good, cost-effective design. Gary’s academic training in architecture has been enhanced by years of transforming plans into physical reality. As head of the McMillin Homes Product Development Committee, he gained a comprehensive knowledge of homebuyer desires, including an understanding of regional differences. Teri’s years of interior design and merchandising allow her to view a home from the inside and maximize its livability.


Estimating and Bidding

One of Pebble Creek Companies’ strongest assets is knowledge and experience in estimating and bidding. Both principals have many years of experience in this field. Our knowledge of plans and specifications as well as the subcontractor base in Southern California allows us to deliver the best value to your project. We truly believe we can bring production-home prices to your project whether it is big or small. Through proper planning, subcontractor negotiation, and involvement of all parties throughout the process, it is possible.


Construction Management and Quality Control

Effective construction management is a three-legged stool, resting on the best balance of cost, quality, and speed. With years of experience in production homebuilding, we clearly know to be cost and time efficient. But we also insist on doing the job right. We literally wrote the book on quality control for McMillin Homes, knowing that the best way to resolve a customer-service issue is to solve the problem in the first place.


Design Build

Speculative, custom, or something in-between, Pebble Creek Companies can do it all. We know the market and how to spec at the cost/appeal sweet spot. We can build a custom home on a production budget. We know the products to use for the greatest value. We know how to negotiate with subcontractors for those production prices. We have been doing value engineering for many years and understand the process. Let us show you how to maximize your project.


Green Building

Pebble Creek Companies’ interest in green building science will ensure your project will surpass your expectations. The latest trend in building has many meanings; however the real meaning is derived from your expectations. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, we will make it small. If you want to achieve a certain LEED rating, we can accomplish that. If you want to minimize your utility bills, we can help. Or if you want to just have the wow factor with all the latest gadgets, we can do that.


Interior Decorating

Most decorators work on a few homes a year, however our experience is much greater than that, being in the production home business most of our careers our experience is much greater. We have helped in the interior design of hundreds of homes over the years. We have seen the trends come and go and know what works and what does not. We also understand that good Interior Decorating is not just an afterthought, it is part of the process, a decorating plan should be part of the architectural design, planning ahead will create the best living environment.



Most people do not know the difference between one level of granite and another. We do. Our experience comes from managing an Options Department for a major home builder. We handled product selections and purchases every day. We know how to get the best value for every product, whether it is a kitchen faucet or floor tile. We have done business with most manufacturers and know their products. We can deal with them on your behalf. We can cut through the sales hype and get to the business of selecting the best product for your project.


Customer Service

Customer service is more than something you provide; it is a way of life. We guarantee you the best customer service. We can also manage your customer service, either through your subcontractors, our subcontractors, or an outside service. We can guarantee you will be treated fairly. We know how a builder manages customer service; we have done it for many years.

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